A yearly 2-day festival of furries, frolic, and fun in the sun on Long Island!

OMGWTFBBQ Event Rules and Code of Conduct

By attending OMGWTFBBQ, you agree that you understand and will abide by these Rules and Code of Conduct. If you are found in violation of any of these policies, you will be asked to leave/barred from the entirety of the event and potentially banned from future OMGWTFBBQ events.

1. Follow all directives given by Event Staff, Park Staff, and/or Park Police, and treat all of them with respect.2. Alcohol is permitted at the event but will not be provided by Event Staff; any attendees who plan on drinking must bring their own alcoholic beverages. Such attendees must drink responsibly, know their limits, and ensure that they do not consume so much alcohol that they become sick, unable to stand or behave appropriately, unable to drive, or otherwise unable to get themselves home. Hard liquor and kegs are not allowed as per the NYS Parks Long Island Region Group Picnic Permit.3. Underage drinking is absolutely prohibited, both by Event Staff and by Law (refer to 9 NYCRR Title 9, Subtitle I, Section 385.1 (c)). If you are seen with an alcoholic drink and are known or suspected to be underage, you will be carded – if you do not provide a State-issued identification to Event Staff at such time, you will be asked to leave. Anybody found providing alcohol to a minor will be permanently banned from the event.4. Vaping and smoking of tobacco or any other substance is permitted so long as you are respectful of fellow attendees and the public, remain downwind of the event area, and away from any fursuiters. If you are asked to move by an attendee who is sensitive to or does not like the smell, please do so. Vaping and smoking are not permitted on the boardwalk, beach, in areas within 50 feet of any playground or building/fixed structure, or any other location where NO SMOKING signs may be posted. (9 NYCRR § 386.1 and NYSOPRHP Directive OPR-POL-007)5. Wear sunscreen and weather-appropriate clothing. This is an all-day outdoor event in the summer. Those sensitive to the heat should ensure they are properly prepared and maintain good hydration throughout the event!6. Label any home-made food you bring with their ingredients, and notify Event Staff working the grill of any pertinent food allergies you have (certain meats, produce, etc.)7. It is highly recommended that you bring your own chair or picnic blanket in case table space fills up, or you want to spend some time vibing in the sun!8. Attendees are responsible for the security of their own belongings. If you misplace or leave something behind, notify Event Staff and we will check our Lost and Found after the event.9. For safety reasons, do not crowd the grilling areas or Event Staff who are actively grilling. Place chairs, belongings, persons, etc at least five feet away from these areas, and do not linger near the grilling areas when Event Staff are working them.10. This is a Safe for Work and All Ages event held in a public park. As such, all behaviors and activities are to be kept PG at all times while attending. Hugging and kissing are fine; lewd gestures, groping, grinding, sexual acts, etc are not. This includes within tents or vehicles.11. Attire is to be kept appropriate for the public eye. Items often seen or worn within Furry Fandom spaces including pup hoods, standard collars, wristlets, and “sled-dog” style nylon harnesses are permitted; full body spandex or latex suits, leather body harnesses, shibari harnesses, posture collars, or other such attire are not appropriate for this event. Gender-affirming clothing is always welcome.12. Vending of any type is not permitted in Parks within the Long Island State Park Region; attendees who do so during the event act at their own risk, and Event Staff do not condone and are not liable for their individual actions.13. Any attendee intending to display items or artwork for any purpose must provide their own table.14. Do not mark, vandalize, put stickers on, tie signs or banners to, or otherwise cause temporary or permanent damage to ANY park-owned asset whatsoever. This includes doing donuts in the parking lot and leaving tire marks.15. Do not litter. There are ample trash receptacles and we are responsible for cleaning the area to the state we received it in, if not better. Litter includes items of food, bottle caps, can tabs, scraps of paper, etc. If it is not to be taken home, put it in the trash can.16. Minor interpersonal issues are the sole responsibility of attendees to manage; if you do not like or get along with somebody who is at the event, stay away from them. Bickering, snide comments, spreading rumors, starting arguments or fights, intentionally making someone uncomfortable, or other such behaviors will not be tolerated and if Event Staff are notified of such, you will either be issued a warning or asked to leave.17. Interpersonal issues of a major nature – such as stalking, harassment, threats, safety concerns, etc - should be brought to the attention of Event Staff well before the event so that appropriate measures can be taken in advance. If such an issue arises while at the event, attendees are absolutely not to create or escalate a hostile situation – they are to notify Event Staff immediately so that an appropriate course of action can be devised and taken.18. Your behavior, as well as your physical and mental well-being, are your own personal responsibility to manage. If you are not feeling well enough to attend or remain at the event, please do not do so. Event Staff are not trained paramedics or crisis counselors; if an issue requiring such should arise at the event, notify Event Staff and they will assist in locating the necessary resources for you to contact.19. There is a zero-tolerance policy on bigotry, threats of violence, actual violence, or abuse of any kind. These actions will result in an immediate ban from the current and all future OMGWTFBBQ events.

OMGWTFBBQ Event Information

Dates: July 27 & July 28, 2024
Time: 12pm - 7pm
Location: Hecksher State Park
Saturday the 27th: Field 3
Sunday the 28th: Field 2, Taylor Pavillion
Dates: July 29 & July 30, 2023
Time: 12pm - 8pm
Location: Sunken Meadow State Park, Field 4
See the pinned post in the Telegram chat for the exact location on the day or days you are attending.
Registration: Free!
(However there is a $10 per vehicle fee charged by State Parks, so carpooling is recommended!)
Saturday Host: Cubbi
Sunday Host: Warzy Raptor

OMGWTFBBQ Telegram Chat Information & Rules

By joining the OMGWTFBBQ Telegram chat, you agree that you understand and will abide by these rules. If you are found in violation of these policies by any Chat Moderator or other Event Staff, you will either be issued a warning or banned from the chat and potentially face a ban from the event itself as well.

1. This is a SFW, all-ages chat for a SFW, all-ages event. Do not post lewd, overtly sexual, or otherwise NSFW content in the chat at any time. This includes images, GIFs, text, etc.2. This chat is only open for discussions in the month or two leading up to the event, and for a week after the event. Admins will post event planning updates to the chat as they come to fruition, but otherwise anybody wishing to chat with Long Island furs should join the Official LI Furs Welcoming Lobby.3. This is not an Official LI Furs Community chat; it is a privately owned chat for a privately operated event. Discussions, updates, warnings, messages, etc posted in this chat by any member of staff, including those who may also be LI Furs Community Admins, pertain only to this event and only to this chat.4. If there are known issues with individuals in this chat or who are otherwise planning to attend the event, please bring it directly to the attention of Event Chat Moderators so that the situation can be addressed accordingly with the Event Organizers.5. Be polite to other chat members at all times. If you do not like someone, do not interact with them in the chat. Disliking somebody is not an excuse for being rude or otherwise hostile within the chat.6. There is a one strike per year system in effect. You will only get one warning before being removed from the chat for that year's event, and your reinstatement for the following year is up to the discretion of both the Chat Moderators and the Event Organizers. Being removed from the chat will greatly increase the likelihood that you will be barred from that year's event, and potentially from all future OMGWTFBBQ events.7. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy on harassment, threats of violence (direct or implied), verbal abuse, goading, or any other hostile actions directed towards Staff, Attendees, or other Chat Members. Any such behavior witnessed or experienced in this chat should be brought to the direct attention of an Event Chat Moderator immediately. Note that pings can get lost in a sea of notifications, so if a Chat Moderator does not reply swiftly, send them a Direct Message. Include screenshots or other pertinent information. A reporting system for incidents of a serious nature will be devised in the future - in the meanwhile please direct these immediately to an Event Chat Moderator via DM.8. Be patient with Event Chat Moderators, Event Organizers, and any other Event Staff. Certain situations require time to review, and all staffing for this event - as well as the event organization itself - is on a volunteer basis. Staff may be at work, school, or attending to other such obligations that prevent immediate review or action. Chat members are to disengage from any situation requiring Staff attention until such time as the necessary Staff have had a chance to review and take action.9. If you feel you were removed from the chat unfairly or in error, contact an Event Organizer and your removal will be reviewed with the acting Chat Moderator.

Event Chat Moderators
@TyTheSaber (Ty The Saber)
@Hallways (Yami)
@SpacePupReagan (CK)
@FenrisFolf (Fenris)
@BaniBunz (Bani)
Event Organizers
@WarszawaScream (Warzy Raptor)
@Cubbi (Cubbi)

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OMGWTFBBQ Staff Directory

Event Organizer & Sunday Host: Warzy Raptor (@WarszawaScream)
Co-Organizer & Saturday Host: Cubbi (@Cubbi)
Support Staff: Sarity, Ty the Saber, Space Pupper, Zermit
Chat Moderators: Ty the Saber, Space Pupper, Fenris Folf, Yami, Bani
2023 Good Noodle Awards: Cpt. Trace, PupMAX, SakkiiJay, Pony, Fay

Event Organizers are the people who put together the event every year, pick the location and dates, and handle the administrative side of things. They are the only ones with the authority to jointly ban an attendee from the event.Hosts are the people who set up the event for the day, purchase and prepare the food, and ultimately make things happen the day of the event.Support Staff assist the Hosts on the day of the Event with setting up, transporting equipment, manning the grills, and keeping an eye on things to ensure that the event runs smoothly.Chat Moderators are the folks keeping an eye on the Telegram Chat to ensure the Chat rules are followed, peace is kept, and they notify the Event Organizers of any situations that may require a ban from the event. They have full authority to ban people from the Chat, but only Event Organizers can ban from the Event.Good Noodle Awards are for the folks that step in and help us out during the event if we need grill assistance, help setting up, help breaking down, help transporting items, etc!


OMGWTFBBQ on WikiFur!OMGWTFBBQ is an annual BBQ meetup hosted by senior members of the LIFurs community to show their appreciation for the community, which has become the largest and longest-running furry gathering in Long Island, New York. It was started in 2006 by an individual member at their house, was picked up by Warzy in 2007 and moved to a public park, switched to a more central location for 2008, and Cubbi joined in during 2009 to make it a two day long event!The BBQ traditionally took place over the course of a weekend at the picnic area of Sunken Meadow State Park on the north shore of Long Island. It is a free event (except for the park's Vehicle Use Fee) filled with food, fursuiting, games, and visits to the beach and boardwalk.For 2024 our venue is changing to Hecksher State Park, still centrally located on Long Island but now on the south shore! The new location boasts two swimming areas, hiking and biking trails, a boat launch, a fishing area, and campsites for rent by anyone who wishes to spend the entire weekend at the park! Plus we now have large covered pavilions, so we can party come rain or shine and have guaranteed tables and shade!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an official LIFurs event?
No, OMGWTFBBQ is a privately-run event held for members of the LIFurs community by senior members of the LIFurs. BUT, keep reading..!
Is the event open to everybody? Can I bring a friend/family member/etc?
Absolutely! You don't need to be an LIFurs member to join us; as long as they're good folks who like to have fun, the event is open to anyone from anywhere!
Can I sell stuff at the event?
New York State Parks doesn't allow vending; see Event Rules #12 & #13 for more information.
Is hard liquor allowed?
Hard liquor is not permitted as per our NYS Group Use Permit; see Event Rule #2 for more information.
Are glass bottles ok?
As long as they are properly transported and disposed of in the appropriate receptacles (aka do not break them or cause a safety hazard), yes!
Do you need any help with the event?
We're always happy to have more Support Staff; if you have some skills, supplies, or car space that could be useful, hit us up on Telegram - @Cubbi to offer Saturday help or @WarszawaScream to offer Sunday help!